Blog Reviews

“Philly Food Girl” is a blog by Kass, a Philadelphia native who is passionate about food and her Italian heritage.  A self-confessed amateur, her passion for food started 30+ years ago in her mother’s kitchen and she views the blog as an extension of herself and her love of food.  The blog features superb pictures, ease of navigation and menus, recipes, and reviews.  One of the recent posts is about “Gravy in a slow cooker – what?” which describes cooking sirloin and sausage with gravy in a crockpot.  Philly Food Girl’s passion just shines through her writing and her food choices!



 “Philly Phoodie” is a blog by Thad S who confesses to love food and “really, really love Philly”.  Thad scours the city looking for the best blue collar eateries that offer the best Philly centric food and offers readers reviews, tips and recipes in order to broaden their culinary experiences.  The blog has a very upbeat theme, well laid out design, gorgeous pictures of the food and restaurants reviewed.  A recent post is about a review for Imli Indian Kitchen on Passyunk Avenue and features a review where the fabulous pictures along with minimal captions do a great job at doing a review.  One look at this blog and Thad’s love for all things Philly become so apparent.



“Will Travel for food” is a food and travel blog by Mayssam, a writer based in Montreal who travels the world in search of the next culinary discovery.  She dreams, lives and loves food and will explore anything from Michelin starred restaurants to the hole in the wall.  The blog was the Saveur Reader’s Choice for best blog of 2015 and features a wonderful travel related header, great color and font theme along with ease of navigation.  One of the latest posts is for fresh fish and ceviche at La Picanteria in Lima, Peru.  Great intro, pictures which make the food come alive and interesting information about Lima – no wonder this was voted as the Reader’s Choice for travel and food blog of the year.(


“The Funnelogy Channel” is a blog by Nicholas and Gabriella, a couple who travel the world and blog about their travel and food experiences.  Their journeys have taken them to places where they do not understand the local language except the universal language of food.  The blog, one of the finalists for Saveur’s best blogs of 2015, has a well laid out design, gorgeous pictures of the places visited and foods eaten, a menu with recipes and travelogue. The latest post is about Culinary Travel week 2016 and features a recipe for Hanoi coconut coffee popsicles with fabulous pictures and a write up of both Hanoi, Vietnam and the recipe.  This blog does indeed speak the universal language of good food!(


“Two Peas and their Pod” is a blog by Maria and Josh, a married couple which offers a detailed step by step recipes along with detailed instructions.  Every week, they also share a share a weekly Meal Plan to help readers get dinner on the table.  The idea for the blog stemmed from their love of good, fresh food and good conversation.  The blog has a well laid out design, a great easy on the eyes theme, ease of navigation and menu options with recipes, meal plans and travel.  The latest post is about avocado toast with eggs, spinach and toast – features a great intro, gorgeous pictures, detailed ingredient list and step by step directions.  Something that even a new cook can follow easily!(